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Paul Jenkins was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on 12 July 1923. Between 1937 and 1942 Jenkins studied at the Kansas City Art Institute, where he experimented with ceramics and became enthralled with Asian art. He served in the US army from 1943 until 1945. Jenkins resumed his art studies, this time at the Art Students League in New York. In 1951 Jenkins painted his first picture with dripping dilute paint. Jenkins went to Europe in 1951, spending quite some time in Italy, Spain and Paris. Although he retained his Paris studio, Jenkins returned to America in 1955 and began to show work at competitions. In the mid-1960s Jenkins spent some time in Japan, India and even Russia. During the latter half of the decade, Jenkins' paintings came to be dominated by white and shades of grey. Jenkins used the 1970s to paint watercolors and work on sculpture projects, which were cast in bronze. The biggest of these, "Mandala Meditation Sundial", took years to complete. In 1979 Paul Jenkins first began to apply layers of pastose paint to his canvases although he had previously only glazed them with a whisper-thin wash of pigment. The group of works called "Anatomy of a Cloud", which unites collage, paintings and bronzes from the 1970s, reveals the range of which Paul Jenkins' was capable by the early 1980s. On his extensive travels Jenkins has always been fascinated with the distinctive colors of any place he happens to be. During the 1990s Jenkins continued to show work actively, especially in France and the US. He died June 9th this year.

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