Boy or Girl, Small Family Is Joy

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In olden days there was a conservative society. People gave more importance to boys as compared to girls. According to them boys were the pride of their family and were given more importance as they had to go outside and had to do a job and thought they needed more care and more strength. A girl child was considered a curse as parents had to give them dowry on their marriage, neither were they given education as they had to live inside their house and take care of their younger brothers and sisters and do household work. During that time people were proud of having large families and also importance was given to a boy child in the family. As a result most of the families suffered through poverty.

As we are aware, financial condition of family is deeply related to the size of the family. A living cost of large family is surely much higher than small family. A large family has more expenses towards their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. In such situation the parents suffer and hence Nation suffers.

Family size also affects the health, especially that of mother and child. Frequent births can cause illness to both mother and child. It can disrupt the health of the women. It puts mother and baby's health at risk.

In small family, parents can easily fulfil the needs of one or two children, irrespective of “Boy or a Girl”. They can provide them best education and look after them very well. A child in a small family receives more support from their parents than in large family.

But today, as we are in the 21st century, things have changed due to increase of literacy rate, awareness programmes through media and social activities. Girls are treated equally to boys and people are educated on consequences of having larger families, accept for some of the rural areas in India which are still backward and we as responsible citizens need to work towards reducing poverty and educating those who need learning....
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