Boy in the Stripe Pajamas

Topics: Family, Plot, Fiction Pages: 3 (548 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Summer Reading Assignment

Dear, book Critique

I feel that your review of the book I read this summer for school is wrong. In this letter I am going to

tell you what I think of it. I want to tell you what it is about, what happened, and the characters, theme,

plot, and setting. By the end of this letter I hope that you will think of rereading this book and hope you

review it better. Ill start by saying that this is a book think was sad to read. But I also think that it was

difficult not to stop.

There were a few characters in this story but the main one was Bruno. An eight year old boy

who's father is a commander in the army. Because of his father's job he is forced to move from his

home to a new one in Out-with. A place near a German concentration camp. Gretel is his sister who

changes a lot during the story. She calls her a hopeless case. There is also lieutenant Kotler who is

always in the house because he is the lieutenant for Bruno's father. Other characters include Bruno's

family members, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather. There is a pavel a Jew that works as a

servant in their house. The last character here is Shmeul who is a friend of Bruno's but is stuck behind a

fence in the concentration camp. There are other minor characters in the story but do not have much of

a role.

There are three settings and they are Bruno's home in Berlin, the home at Out-with, and the

concentration camp. The main setting at of these three is new home where Bruno does most of his

activities and school work. And the concentration camp is where he goes to see Shmeul everyday

The Theme ( or main idea) Is Man Vs. Society. This Is a theme that has to do with a single

person or a group of people are taking on society. As in Bruno Vs. his difficulties and his struggles. For

example when he has to move from Berlin to Out-with.

The plot is the problem of the story, and there are two. The first one...
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