Boy in Striped Pyjamas

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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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Chapter One, Bruno makes a discovery: A boy named Bruno who lives in Berlin came home from school one day to see the family’s maid, Maria, packing his clothes. He did not know what was happening and soon saw his Mother. He had asked her what was happening and she told him that they had to move due to his father’s job. Bruno was disappointed and shocked. He had a disagreement with his mother because he didn’t want to leave Berlin and most of all leave his three best friends Karl, Daniel and Martin behind. Chapter Two, The new house: Bruno was shocked when he first saw the house he was going to start living in; It was smaller than the house in Berlin. Everything was different and he couldn’t believe he was going to live there from now on. He was talking to his mother about moving back to Berlin and leaving this place behind and it seemed like she wanted to as well but couldn’t so she sent Bruno up to his room to help Maria unpack his clothes. Chapter Three, The hopeless case: Bruno walked into his sister’s room, Gretel, who is three years older than he is. Bruno is 9. They had a conversation about both of them not liking the new house and it was the first time they both agreed with each other. She was unpacking her dolls and Bruno was sitting on her bed spread. As they were talking, Bruno then mentioned “The other children” and Gretel was confused as she had not seen any other children around. Bruno then gets Gretel to follow him to his room to look through the window he had seen them from. Chapter Four, What they saw through the window: Bruno and Gretel were looking out of his bedroom window looking at a place that didn’t look as friendly. There were all sorts of boys/men in that place and they were described as dirty looking. Gretel couldn’t keep her eyes off them and was thinking to herself what it was and why would someone build a nasty place like that. A little while later, Gretel decided to go back to her room to unpack her dolls and also thought the view was much nicer there. Chapter Five, Out of bounds at all times and no exceptions: Bruno remembered the day when his mother, Maria and he were leaving their old house. His mother had said a few things she shouldn’t have said aloud and did not notice Maria was behind her and was surprised as she turned around. They were all taken to the train station in an official car with red-and-black flags on the front. When they arrived at their house, Bruno realized that he had not seen his father since so he decided to walk to his father’s office which is “Out Of Bounds At All Times And No Exceptions.” There were soldiers in there talking to his father so he listened to what they were saying and waited till they were gone. Once they left, Bruno knocked on the door and his father allowed him to enter. They had a chat and Bruno kept on disagreeing to what his father was saying. He then asked his father who the people outside were and told Bruno that he shouldn’t worry about them right now because they had nothing to do with him. Chapter Six, The overpaid maid: Bruno hated his new house so much that screaming out all of his anger made him feel better. He then talked to Maria about what she thought of the new place but she did not tell him her opinion because it would be rude to as she is the maid. Bruno called his father stupid for moving the whole family to a place he didn’t like and Maria told Bruno all about the good things his father had done for her family. Bruno was proud when he heard the story. Soon after that, Gretel came barging into Bruno’s room demanding Maria to draw her bath. Bruno then stood up for Maria by telling Gretel to not always rely on Maria because she had feelings too and to do things that she can do by herself but Gretel just walked off and went to her room. Maria wanted to get some sense into Bruno because he kept on saying his father had made a mistake on moving but he won’t listen. He sometimes thinks running away would be better but knowing that he...
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