Boy-Girl Relationship

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Platonic love Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: December 6, 2011

            BGR, what does it stand for? BGR stands for boy-girl relationship. What is it you might ask? Is it the intimate relationship between a boy and girl? Courtship? The relationship that holds a marriage together? Or is it just a typical relationship between a boy and girl? To be frank, it is all of the above stated. BGR is all about the relationship between a male and female whether it is intimate or not. Relationships are very important in our lives. It is what strives us to be who we are and it is able to change the character of person, depending on the relation that is established and the intention of a person of what he/she wants to gain from it, but above all else, relationships are still important.             Moving on, I’d like to ask of you, what do you think runs a relationship? To me, relationships are run on trust. Without trust, a relationship is nothing more than a car without fuel. It will not move and will never last. There is a saying that goes “trust is greater than love” and to this I agree fully. Why do I say so? Because to love is to have a feeling of affection towards another person. Whereas to trust a person is to believe in that person fully without doubt in mind. That is why a relationship has to be fuelled by a strong trust between 2 people and not to forget about love as it is also important.             Going back to the main topic, BGR is a very important relationship as it can go beyond friendship between a boy and a girl, although it is possible to keep a BGR as a platonic friendship. A platonic friendship is a relationship between 2 people that will just remain as friends and will never go beyond that. Most people get tend to get involved in a boy-girl relationship very often these days. Sometimes, I even wonder what they hope to gain from it. I see most people who are indulging in this type of relationship as to be hopping around from 1 person to another after breaking up with their current lover, if it can be said...
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