Boxing Should Not Be Banned

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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Boxing is a very popular sport, enjoyed by millions across the world. It is also a dangerous sport. Over 1000 boxers have died during or just after fights in the past one hundred years. Many more have been damaged for life by injuries in the boxing ring. Some of these victims were professional boxers who made their living from the sport. Others were amateurs boxing for fitness and fun, rather than for money. Sometimes it seems to be just one punch which does the damage. In other cases it seems to be the overall effect of hundreds of punches over many fights. For these reasons medical associations speaking for doctors all over the world have called for boxing to be banned. Asking “should boxing be banned?” usually makes for a good debate. As well as issues which are particular to boxing, the debate brings in arguments of wider importance. For example, the purpose of sport, how much freedom people should have, role models and the media, and whether banning something might make problems worse. Issues like these often come up in debates and thinking about boxing can be a helpful way to learn about them.

First reason is maybe because people think that’s brutal ? But for my self I don’t agree with it completely because there are couple of other games which are even more brutal, like Bull fighting. Boxing is more then a sport because aside from its fighting aspect. It brings strength of tolerance, determination and fitness.

First of all lets look at the points in favour of boxing. Every fighter knows the risks of their sport whether they are MMA fighters or boxing or bull fighters and some are very well paid. Some of the other sports are equally dangerous if not more than boxing for instance, there are frequent injuries in rugby but people have no objection on ruby, Right ? Boxers earn allot of money when they are top professionals, the chance to become world champ and the fame and lifestyle that comes with it.
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