Boxing Essay

Topics: Boxing, Traumatic brain injury, Brain Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: May 22, 2012
Boxing Essay

Wrong. Blood-thirsty. Barbaric- words that are used to describe a modern day sport were the aim is to injure your opponent- boxing. In boxing two large, powerful, strong men have a mindless punch-off to see who will be knocked out first. Most boxers receive permanent brain damage and illness in later life due to the violent sport. Some may even die.

There are many consequences linked with boxing the more common of the two: brain damage, and the second one: death. During a boxers career, they will suffer many serious blows to the head, these all add up and contribute to illness later on in a boxers career. About eighty per cent of all professional boxers have permanent brain scars that can be seen on MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans. If brain tissue is damaged, it is permanent. A disease that many boxers have found themselves with, is known as; ‘punch drunk.’ The symptoms of this abominable illness are usually: slurred speech, delayed reactions and in some, more severe cases: blackouts. A chemical called neurofilement, produced by the brain when damaged, is excessively high in boxers. It is usually released when boxers receive fifteen powerful blows to their skull. The chemical takes eight months, after the boxer has taken the strikes, to go back to a normal lever. As boxing does have such large effects on participants health many health professionals oppose the sport. The BMA (British Medical Association) represent eighty-four per cent of all doctors in Britain are opposed to the violent game of boxing.

A boxer risks injury and takes their life into their own hands each time they step into a ring. For peoples entertainment. Boxers choose to fight for a career. They need a good income for shelter, food, for their family. However if a boxer lacks a good, trustworthy manager, they can easily be exploited by a boxing promoter. Boxing promoters pay and overlook everything that is needed for a legal fight. From chairs to ambulances- they...
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