Boxing Arguement

Topics: Human body, Risk, Personal life Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: May 27, 2013
“Should boxing be banned?”

In 1997, the injury rate in the sport of boxing was 7,257 injuries and ten percent have affected those in between the ages five to fourteen. Boxing can be fun and safe as long as it is practiced and played properly. It helps stress relief and keeps one in shape. Boxers know the risk and they still choose to participate in the pastime. Boxing should not be banned because it can help relieve stress, and like the exercise is a good addition for getting in shape. It should also not be banned because boxers know the risks and they still choose to do it; it is their choice not the community's. Another reason not to ban boxing would be because if boxing is banned it will be enforced by people who still like it and those who still want to fight. If one dangerous sport gets banned, then all sports will get banned due to its potential dangers. Boxing is not just a sport; it is a way of life to some. Boxing is a physical contact sport that requires an immense deal of hard work and dedication. This training is not only to get boxers bigger, better, faster, and stronger it acts as a stress reliever and a way to stay fit. Boxing is a stress relieving sport that physically enhances the body and makes it healthier and is easy, whereas running five anguishing miles a day leaves the body dilapidated. Boxing is fun and exciting and is great for the human body. Boxing is a national sport that is practiced by adults, adolescents, and kids. With this abundance of popularity comes with big responsibilities in the boxing community. The boxing community has created such an outbreak as a sport, that many question its safety. Boxing is safe, as long as it is taught and practice in the correct manner. Boxers know the risk they are taking by undertaking the sport. Although all boxers know there is a chance of making that ultimate sacrifice of taking their opponent's or their lives, nearly all of them continue. Boxers have the risks of becoming blind, deaf,...
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