Boxer Rebellion, History

Topics: Qing Dynasty, Boxer Rebellion, Forbidden City Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: March 22, 2012
Outline the significant actions of the boxers during the boxer rebellion. Assess the impact of these actions on china and the Qing dynasty. The boxer rebellion is the best but least understood aspect of Chinese history during 1898-1900. There are many significant actions of the boxers that impacted on the Qing dynasty in china, these included killing foreigners, attacking random Chinese Christians and murdering the German and Japanese ambassador. Firstly the empress of china ci xi who had taken power over the boxers had supported them in killing foreigners. Ci Xi was afraid that foreigners are beginning to grip control over china. The boxers were recruited by the Qing dynasty meaning the boxers loss is also a loss for the qing dynasty. The boxers had thought to rule the Qing dynasty but didn’t as they also supported the imperial government. Secondly a significant action taken by the boxers was the killing of a German ambassador in Beijing on 20 June. This was a significant aspect as the following day the empress ci xi had declared war on all foreign powers. Thirdly the boxers strongly resented the impact of Christianity on traditional religious practices. If there were any converts to Christians in the village the boxers would punish them or get rid of them quickly. The boxers attacks included vandalism, theft, extortion, kidnapping, arson, injury and definitely killing. Attacking the legations in Beijing. This is when the boxers burned churches, killed Chinese Christians, and intimidated Chinese officials who stood in their way. Boxers, along with other Chinese then attacked and killed Chinese Christians around the legations in revenge for foreign attacks on Chinese. As a result of the boxers attacking the legations 250 missionaries had been killed. The boxers impacts over china was severe as it gained hatred of foreigners and it made china realize after little change that it was no match for the outside world and it needed to be modernized. As a result of the...
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