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Boxer Rebellion

By | September 2012
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The changes after the Boxer Rebellion can be seen as the modernization of China as an affect from the foreign influence. Many positives came out of the Boxer Rebellion for example the weakening of the Qing Dynasty financially, politically and militarily, the respect China had for its foreign countries grew strongly due to the fact that it was seen by them that they were very dependent on them i.e. the railways and the education in China became available for the mass population not just select officials. The Boxer Rebellion is a big part of the Chinese history and has helped the way the Chinese look at the operating systems of the world today.

In 1898 the outbreak of war started in known as the Boxer rebellion. The boxer rebellion was fought by almost entirely the Northern Chinese. The Boxers (I-ho-ch'uanĀ (the Righteous and Harmonious Fists)) fought many Chinese Christian groups, any foreigners, and led a 55-day siege in the foreign embassies. The Boxers were mostly semi-religious peasant group from Shandong and Zhili, they were in support of their government but they opposed to any foreign influence the country was given. By 1898 there was fear in China that the foreign powers might divide China and have the risk of the Chinese business going bankrupt with the foreign trade the country was receiving. Previous to the Boxer Rebellion there were the Opium Wars in 1839-1842 and 1856-1860 these wars were based around the British forcing the Chinese to trade the Chinese goods for the British opium. Nationalism was shown widely throughout the Boxers and they felt the need to keep control of the country and tried to keep out as many foreign countries as possible. For the modernization to occur in China the end of nationalism had to happen and China had to embrace the way the world was going.

As seen in the previous paragraph the China was against foreign countries coming into their country and taking control of everything causing the outbreak of warfare. China had...

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