Box Color vs. Professional Hair Color

Topics: Hair, Long hair, Hair care Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Since the beginning of time men and women have long connected hair to beauty. In this century more than ever before in history, American women dye their hair regularly. There are many benefits to dyeing hair. It is an easy and inexpensive way, of improving your appearance. Hair-color is no longer a closet secret. However, is that new hair color from the salon or a supermarket? Is the only difference between professional hair color and store bought hair color, the price? How does one enter this hair color craze and come out with beautiful, healthy results? It is important to learn the risks, the possibilities, and the differences in options if you want to avoid a hair color disaster. As a licensed cosmetologist for 17 years I have had the misfortune of meeting one too many intelligent women who have fallen into the pitfalls of hair color disaster. Education is the first predictor of success and most hair stylists, please notice the word most, have been taught the Law of Color. This law defines colors and how they work together and how well those colors adjust to varying hair types. It is important to understand the varying elements that make up a strand of hair. There are unique variables in each person’s hair structure that impact hair color results positively or negatively. A hair stylist can best determine what those variables consist of and what is needed to maintain the hairs integrity. Professional hair color is much gentler to the hair because it contains protein enriched ingredients that condition and promote healthy, stronger hair. Professional hair color contains the appropriate ammonia levels for hair porosity and, which is just a fancy word for damaged, split ends. Professional hair color is broken down into levels of darkness, lightness and varying tones. This breakdown helps your hair stylist choose exactly the right shade and tone to match your underlying skin tone and your personal color choices of makeup and clothing. The method used, to apply...
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