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Mr. Bowman is positioning himself at a small service business. He is really good at building up a new company but not at expanding aspect, and this is the reason why he always sells the company before it grows up. Mr. Bowman has been succeeding for three times and now he is going for the next one which is called Zipline. This new company sounds like Paypal. It provides the free financial service and seems like a little E-community. It will focus on the following services which may include payroll, insurance, loan, currency exchange, etc. I really agree with what he said which is “FREE is very valuable”. Jello become a billion’s brand by giving the recipe for free at the beginning. This would be considered as a strategy called “Freemium”. It makes the service more tangible. When your customers figure out that they really enjoy the service what you provide, they are willing to pay.

Technology now is leading us to a Long Tail market pattern. We can do the information search much easier now, and because of this, even the popularity is low, there are still some people is willing to make the product to match the taste of small number of customers.

There is another point of view of Mr. Bowman I agree with, which is trying to get out your comfort zone. Business is not only about relationship, but no one can deny that relationship is a very important part. By joining in a community which is totally different from what you are good at makes you the only special man, and meanwhile you will learn a lot there. This reminds me a concept which is differentiation. Differentiation strategy is a system. In specific operations, operators should run the differentiation strategy based on the competitive situation in the industry, product lifecycle, and product types. We’d better provide customers with unique style products from the packaging to the product itself. This will show significant differences and create unforgettable image. What has to be pointed out is that any...
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