Bowling for Columbine

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  • Published : May 13, 2008
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There are many techniques that you can use to show in a documentary, facts about people, places and events and “Bowling for Columbine” is a documentary that shows all of those plus more. Michael Moore has got a unique way of using all the techniques that you would see in a documentary to get his story and opinion across to the viewers. Usually in documentaries the producers are behind the camera and in the editing room but what makes Michael Moore’s documentaries different is that he puts himself, his charisma and his questions in front of the camera. Many of his documentaries have been criticized and have caused major controversy within the media because he dares to ask the hard questions and dares to go where no other documentary has gone before. The documentary is heavily producer dominated. All throughout the program you see him manipulating things behind the scenes and he is the dominant narrator. There are scenes where action domination comes into play like when he used his camcorder in Kmart and the footage is all over the place but the tactic was very strategic and he had a reason for doing it like that. It’s his persistence and confidence when interviewing people and asking questions that people might find interesting to watch. Interviewing is another important technique he uses a lot and depends on a lot to get his points across. He interviewed a lot of people from Charlton Heston, the president of NRA, to Marilyn Manson. He interviewed Charlton Heston to ask questions like how is it that him and NRA always happen to be at a place straight after a gun related murder like the massacre at Columbine high school or the time the 6 year old got killed by another child. He made it look like he was on Mr. Heston’s side to make him more open about these issues but then he slowly made the transition into asking him questions that he Mr. Heston got bothered by until he walked away. Michael...
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