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Bowling is, in my opinion, one of the toughest sports in the world. I know what you are saying. Bowling is easy. You don't get tackled or hit. However, you do have to know a lot to become a good bowler.

should learn is how to identify lane conditions. One day the lanes can be very dry where the ball hooks tremendously. Another day on the same lanes, the ball may not hook at all, showing that the lanes are oily.

Next, a bowler should learn how to bowl in every condition. Everyone knows practice makes perfect and there's no exception in bowling. The more you bowl the better you get. Many people adjust to various conditions by changing where they throw the ball on the lane. Others adjust by changing balls. Either way can produce scores that people set out to achieve.

Nowadays there are many types of bowling balls. The most popular now are reactive resin bowling balls. These balls tend to hook farther down the lane. Also, many bowlers use urethane balls. These produce a smooth hook all the way down the lane. Both types have potential for big scores. However, you have to know when to adjust and where to adjust to.

As you can see, bowling isn't as simple as throwing a round ball at a bunch of pins. You have to know how to read lane conditions and then how to adjust to these conditions. If you are able to adjust, you will be able to keep up with practically anyone. Although bowling isn't very physical, it can be seen as a very tough, mental game. l
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