Boutique Management System

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The project is entitled as “BOUTIQUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is developed by Visual Basic as front end and MS-Access as the back end. This project is designed to provide the easy access to maintain the reports of boutique service. This project is very useful to the all type of boutique service. By using this project we can maintain the reports of placing-order and delivery details, customer details, details, branch office details and working staff details. This project is developed with the help of visual basic 6.0. Boutique service is necessary and important for the society. A boutique is a small-scale to medium-scale shop employed to order raw dress materials, customized tailoring and delivered by the given date. Boutiques are distinguished from ordinary to expensive studio by features such as advanced techniques of perfect fashion tailoring, specialization and individualization of services, and committed delivery time, which are optional for most everyday services. As a special service, boutiques are usually expensive than usual boutique services, and their use is typically restricted to type of orders where one or more of these features are considered important enough to warrant the cost. Different boutique services operate on all scales, from within specific towns or cities, to regional, national and global services. In cities, there are often many boutique for various specialities. Owner operate alone or in small groups.. Here we design the project which involves the following data base. * Placing-Order and delivery details

* Delivery Status
* Customer details
* Branch office details
* Employee details
The placing-order and delivery database contain the information about the cloth tailoring booking dates and customer name, delivery date, and delivery report. The delivery report has information such as the receiving person sign and whether the goods are delivered with good condition or not, the date and time of delivery. The customer database contains information about regular customer details such as customer name, address and their accounts details. Usually the boutique shops may or may not have branches across the cities and country so the branch office’s profit and booking, delivery details are maintained in the different database. The employee data base contain the personal details of staff such as employee name, address, data of joining, salary per month, mobile number, blood group.

System analysis is a process of gathering the facts concerning the system breaking them into elements and relationship between elements. It provides a framework for visualizing the organizational and environmental factors that operate on a system. The quality of work performed by a machine is usually uniform, neat and more reliable when compared to doing the same operations manually.

The Placing-Order details, the customer details and the Delivery Details are maintained manually. The study of the existing system revealed that the system has several drawbacks. DRAWBACKS
* The existing system has no security measure against logging in and no checks are made for authorized users. * The end user has to remember a lot of command to make efficient use of the system. * The system does not have any descriptive reports and thus did not help management in decision-making. * The Delivery information per day is sometimes unable to find. * Enormous amount of time is consumed


The proposed system is been developed to maintain the Boutique Management for customers to maintain the Placing-Order details, Customer details, Delivery details, etc.,


* The user can enter only if the username and the password are correct. * The process of planning will be easy since every process is computerized. * Time Saving.
* The Delivery information per day and per month can be known. * The...
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