Boutic House

Topics: Marketing, Bangladesh, Fashion design Pages: 22 (5603 words) Published: April 5, 2011

1. Introduction

This report has been made as part of our Business Communication course to depict the condition of market situation, marketing strategies, market analysis, market segmentation, Boutique Houses or fashion industries of Bangladesh.

1. Background

This is a detailed report on Boutique Houses in Bangladesh. Its main aim is to give an overview of how fashion sector capturing Boutique Houses, how is the completion of the market between various Boutique companies, how marketing strategies of Boutique Houses are related to the behavior of the consumers in their target market; how consumers perceive the need satisfaction by Boutique Houses along with related recommendations on improving their marketing strategies with respect to their valued actual and potential customers.

2. Objective

The specific objectives of the report are as follows:
❖ Identify the marketing structure and strategies of Boutique Houses ❖ Identify needs expected from Boutique Houses by consumers ❖ Identify the product distribution of Boutique Houses ❖ Determine the balance between the needs of customers and benefits provided by Boutique Houses ❖ Provide related recommendations

3. Scope

This report deals with Boutique House’s marketing strategies only with respect to the consumers’ aspect. Other perspectives and dimensions are not covered.

4. Methodology

While preparing this report information was gathered from the following sources: Primary data: Interviews with personnel from some Boutique Houses and survey conducted with their customers. Secondary data: Internet resources and newspapers.

5. Limitations

The information and data provided in this report are factual and represent the actual scenario relating to the lifestyle sector. A random sampling was done to survey the consumers and therefore may not be representative of the whole population. Due to our narrowed down scope this report may not provide the whole picture.

1. Background of Boutique Houses

Fashion houses are responsible for the design, production and marketing of clothing. They were divided into two major segments, initially. The first was mass production, with little variety in the products. They were able to attain economies of scale, decreasing their cost of production and therefore being able to offer a low price. The second segment catered to a selected group of people, with personalized (customized) products and therefore, high priced. With the growth of the economic middle class, an intermediate form became very popular and today’s boutique industry came into existence. This industry produces limited number of customized products within a medium price range. Today, the boutique industry is growing fast as new ventures enter the market every now and then. Boutique House introduced in Bangladesh by Aarong, so history of Boutique Houses means Aarong’s history. In our report we discussed about some Boutique industries Aarong, Anjons, and Sadakalo.

3. Boutique Houses of Bangladesh

3.1 Startup of Aarong [pic]

|Boutique Houses collect the small handicraft designs, cloths and dresses. In Bangladesh Boutique House started its journey in| |1978 by namely Aarong. It is the first Boutique House in Bangladesh. Aarong is a fair trade organization dedicated to bring | |about positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged artisans and underprivileged rural women by reviving and promoting their| |skills and craft. Aarong embraces and nurtures a diverse representation of 65,000 artisans, 85% of whom are women. Today, | |Aarong has become the foundation upon which independent cooperative groups and family-based artisans market their craft, in | |an effort to position the nation’s handicraft industry on a world platform of appreciation and acknowledgement. Aarong is | |the successful Boutique House in Bangladesh....
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