Bound to the Barriers of Fatal Fascination - Misery by Stephen King

Topics: Stephen King, Misery, Annie Wilkes Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Humans are desirous of numerous things. Money, power, pleasure, satisfaction, and surprisingly, celebrities are all things that lead to obsession. As people focus into these things, the result is utter and blatant madness, and eventually becomes the destruction of themselves and others. In the novel Misery by Stephen King, the mental instability of Annie Wilkes and the imprisonment of Paul Sheldon shows how obsession can lead to the destruction of others. Paul Sheldon was an author famous for his many books about an 18th century woman named Misery Chastain. The last book of the Misery novels concluded in Paul’s celebratory drinking because he was finally free from writing about the same character. He wanted His drinking caused him to crash his very expensive car during a snowstorm. A woman who was also a former nurse, Annie Wilkes, saved him from freezing and eventually dying in the snowstorm. She took him inside of her home and put IV into his arm and tried to take care of him. She was a true fan of the Misery books and bought the last one. When she realized that Misery died at the end of the book, she became an evil witch that tortured Paul and forced him to write another Misery book that brings her back to life. Her obsession with Misery’s character led to the obsession with the author himself.

Paul was trapped in Misery’s life; he needed to release himself from having one topic to write about. He knew that it was going to get old one day, and he was feeling as if he could not write about anything else unless he got rid of Misery for good. He was trapped into Misery’s life because the obsessive women that followed Misery’s life provided him with fame and money. He wanted to start a new novel in order to free himself from Misery Chastain’s grasp. Annie Wilkes was an obsessed fan; however, her obsession was mixed with her insanity, which caused a very dangerous result. Her erratic behavior was well-known to the townspeople, but not to Paul Sheldon. She...
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