Bouncers Evaluation

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Bouncers Evaluation

In this controlled assessment, I will be talking about Bouncers (2012). The play was written and directed by John Godber. The venue of the performance was in the Wycombe Swan, we saw it on Thursday 18th October 2012. This performance was a re-The seating arrangements of The Wycombe Swan The seating arrangements of The Wycombe Swan

write of the original play, with updated music and current themes and references. Bouncers’ was originally written in the late 70’s when Godber was only 22 years old. The performance was a comment on the nightlife in the North of England of that time. Also note that one character in all of his plays would be usually be based on himself, for example in the play, Lucky Eric in based on himself. The plot of the performance was about four bouncers, four lads and four girls, who all intertwine with each other at a night club called ‘Asylum’. The performance was heavily stylized, with heavy emphasis on physical theatre, multi rolling and caricatures. The performance also shows some Brechtian influences, where Godber tries to remove the imaginary ‘Fourth Wall’, this meant there was a great deal of audience interaction with the actors. The play also had a lot of dark comedy, with a few serious parts. I feel that the main message in the performance was how women in a clubbing society have changed in these modern times, the message is shown from a male point of view. The theme wasn’t discussed with any of the characters other than the four bouncers, in particular Lucky Eric, who would focus on the subject in his monologues. I think Godber used the play to show that young girls are misguided by looking for sex, when they go out clubbing. When delivering this message, the characters would look at the audience and make gestures at them. Secondly I feel that there was another smaller message too, and that was how bouncers don’t get the credit they need and the certain drawbacks to the job. The stage was an end on/proscenium...
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