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237890782 Tuesday, 15 September AD60 1 denarius Roman News

Brave Boudicca Defeated

Yesterday Boudicca, the queen of the Iceni tribe was defeated by the Romans led by Suetonius Paulinus. The great Roman army with only 10,000 soldiers defeated the disorganised men of Boudicca who had 100,000 warriors. The Romans used well - drilled battle techniques such as the wedge formation unlike the shambles that were used by Boudicca’s army. Also the Romans had lots of armour and weapons of choice but the Celts had only body paint as armour and farm equipment as weapons. So inevitably the Romans, who were better prepared than the Celts, won.


Then in AD44 he sent an invasion fleet to stop the Catuvellauni. We capitalised on this by making all 11 tribes surrender. He celebrated his triumph by entering Colchester (Camulodunum) on an elephant to accept the surrender. That is why he is called ‘conqueror of the ocean’. We Romans invaded Britain first with Julius Caesar in AD44 because we thought it was the end of the known world. Plus we knew that the Barbarians lived in Britain. The Barbarians were an uncivilised people and Caesar wanted them to be civilised. So he travelled over the channel to make a treaty with the tribes saying that they wouldn’t attack each other. The Catuvellauni, who are one of the tribes who signed the treaty, broke it by trying to invade the Trinovanties and the Atrebates who also signed the treaty. Emperor Claudius was told of the invasion by the Atrebates’ king. His name was King Verica.

The Catuvellauni

Almost immediately after the speeches, Boudicca led a charge on the Roman lines. The Romans immediately threw their javelins which picked off Boudicca’s warriors one by one. The design of the javelin meant that upon impact it would bend. This meant that if it were to be thrown back it would do little harm to the well armoured Romans....
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