Bottlenecks of a Csa Flowchart

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Bottlenecks of the CSA Process Flow
By: Tasha James
August 13, 2012

Bottlenecks of the CSA Process
For this assignment, the class is asked to identify the bottlenecks of the chosen process from week one. The goal of this assignment is to apply Goldratt’s theory of constraints to identify and overcome process bottlenecks. Goldratt’s theory of constraints is a popular problem-solving approach that many manufacturing businesses implement. However, the theory can be applied to almost any business. In analyzing the CSA process, it is determined that the major bottleneck of the process is the lack of skilled personnel performing the CSA testing. The topics presented here are related to this week’s readings surrounding the concept of bottlenecks, performance improvements, and other factors which may affect the efficient flow of processes. Below, are the thoughts and reflections of the author as they relate to last week’s readings. Bottlenecks

As Goldratt’s theory indicates, one must identify the constraint. For the CSA process, the main bottleneck identified is CSA performers not understanding what is required of them during the performance of the CSA. An insufficient CSA performance shows a lack of supporting documentation which in turn, wastes time when the validators have to continuously ask for the right information. However, in exploiting the constraint: * The team can determine errors in the process design, which may lead to modification of policy. * The team can identify modifications needed for testing controls, questions, and test templates. Conclusion

Goldratt’s theory of constraints is an overall managerial philosophy geared to help organizations continually achieve their goals. To apply the Goldratt’s theory to the CSA process, the main type of bottleneck identified is that of unskilled personnel. In exploiting the constraint the validating team can determine whether the errors require training of personnel,...
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