Bottlenecks in a Process Paper

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  • Published : May 23, 2010
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Bottlenecks in a Process Paper
Tino Hearn
James Powell
April 13, 2010
RUNNING HEAD: Bottlenecks in a Process Paper

The daily exercise process design is not an extensive process. The cycle time may vary daily. There are potential bottlenecks but not many relating to the daily exercise process design. “Good intentions often lead to bad habits. This is evident when bottlenecks occur from relying too heavily on highly productive individuals or systems. It is common practice to place more responsibility on an individual if that person consistently demonstrates the capacity for it” (Executive Blueprints, 2010). The writer notices a couple of bottlenecks that occurs due to natural elements of the process. For example, the flowchart displays the writer decides the length of time and the distance he will run. This is a potential bottleneck because if the weather is inclement, there will be a delay in the writer’s ability to begin running at the designated time. This will produce a buffer prior to the next stage of the process because the anticipated time of the next stage which is the abdominal workout will be prolonged. Another bottleneck would be if the writer starts his run and he gets muscle cramps or fatigue. This will potentially cause the writer to discontinue his run. However, these bottlenecks are not necessarily part of the normal process. Other potential bottlenecks could include the writer’s heart rate and vital signs being abnormal. The writer would have to his exercise regiment for that particular day. The bottlenecks in the exercise process will hinder the writer from reaching his overall health goals of losing weight; lower his cholesterol and acquiring better general health. Some potential buffers could involve the writer being too fatigued or exhausted to complete the cool down period. This would also prevent the writer from getting into the abdominal and weight lifting phase of the process. In essence, there are limited...