Bottleneck Operations

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Definition of Bottleneck

1. Finance

Process that holds up others an activity within an organization which has a lower capacity than preceding or subsequent activities, thereby limiting throughput. Bottlenecks are often the cause of a buildup of work in progress and of idle time.

2. Operations & Production

Somebody or something that slows down process a limiting factor on the rate of an operation. A workstation operating at its maximum capacity becomes a bottleneck if the rate of production elsewhere in the plant increases but throughput at that workstation cannot be increased to meet demand. An understanding of bottlenecks is important if the efficiency and capacity of an assembly line are to be increased. The techniques of Fishbone Charts, Pareto Charts, and Flow Charts can be used to identify where and why bottlenecks occur.

Agricultural production, including food and other crops and livestock husbandry, is determined by the interaction of farmers with:

• Natural Resources - biophysical framework of soils, water, temperature, flora and fauna • Traditional Practices
• Government Policies (e.g. land tenure, marketing, animal welfare, labor relations); • International Trade Agreements;
• Public Opinion And Concerns;
• Environmental Fluctuations.

The above interactions result in farming systems. A farming system may be defined as a combination of elements in recognizable proportions, which, over a predetermined period, produces an identifiable agricultural product/s of an anticipated standard in anticipated quantities.


To explain the level of food production in any one year you need to identify and, to the best of your ability, quantify the following:

Fixed Factors

• Access to land
• Household labor availability
• Season’s rainfall both quantity and...
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