Bottled Water

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The Evil in the Bottled Water
In the meeting room, a lot of boxes of bottled water are put on the floor. Some workers are taking the bottled water from the boxes to the meeting table. Lines of bottled water are standing on the table tidily. This view is easy to see before every important meeting in China. After the meeting, some of these bottles of bottled water were opened and almost all of them were not drunk to the less. They will be thrown in to the dustbin. This behavior is become a fashion in China. However, do we really need to drink bottled water? No, we don’t really need the bottled water. The bottled water causes a lot of problems for our society. Currently, bottled water has become the most popular drink in the world. Americans like the bottled water so much. “The United States is the largest consumer market for bottled water in the world, followed by Mexico, China, and Brazil.” (Wikipedia) Here is some data about bottled water in 2008, “U.S. bottled water sales topped 8.6 billion gallons for 28.9% of the U.S. liquid refreshment beverage market, exceeding sales of all other beverages except carbonated soft drinks, followed by fruit juices and sports drinks.” [ (Wikipedia) ] Some people think the bottled water is a very important thing in our life. But I don’t think so. The bottled water is not a requisite in our life. “It is not you chose me, but I chose you.” as the Bible said. It is not that we chose the bottled water, but the producer of bottled water chose us. There is a data, “in 1987, when the average number of Americans drinking bottled water was 21.6L. After ten years, in 1997, the average number had increased to more than 50L” (Guan, Who make us drink the bottled water?). What make the Americans drink more and more bottle waters? It is the advertisements. A lot of kinds of advertisements make people want to drink the bottle waters. Some of the advertisements say we need to drink at least eight cups of water every day. However, we can gain...
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