Bottle Blowfish

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Brandi Wright
Period 4
The Bottle Blowfish

Life History/Introduction:
There was a time in history when the oceans were overly polluted with trash of various sorts. The water was so polluted and the food source for the ocean life was diminishing. This was the habitat of the blowfish. Their food became so scarce they began to eat the very things that were polluting the waters. The blowfish began to mutate with what they were eating. The Bottle Blowfish came to be from a mutation between a plastic bottle and its consumer, the blowfish. Requirements for food:

The Bottle Blowfish are carnivores. They eat corals, sponges, sea urchins, algae, crustaceans and other small fish. Requirements for habitat:
They live in the sub-tropical waters off of the coasts of Japan and Hawaii. It lives in among the coral and its reefs. Adaptions to the Environment:
The fish changes size and shape and takes on completely different characteristics when in danger. It has a unique defense mechanism. It sometimes varies in color depending on the surroundings. Requirements for protection against predators:

When faced with trouble, the fish gulps in water until its stomach is full and the fish swell in size completely spherical. The fish also has sharp spines when it expands. When the danger is over, the fish releases the water, the spines lie flat and the fish resumes its normal shape and size. Another defense is its toxicity. They are poisonous with tetrodotoxin stored in their internal organs. This poison causes paralysis and respiratory distress. Death to humans can result after only 30 minutes. However, in Japan, this fish is considered a delicacy and only a few people are licensed to handle and prepare the fish for consumption. Two real organisms from the Benthos and Nekton:

One organism from the Benthos is a crab.
One organism from the Nekton is a shark.
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