Botanic Aroma Client Brief

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Where are we now
Product Introduction
Botanic Herbal Care is a company which concentrates in making different sorts of skin care products. Our products are made from herbs with chemical ingredients added to them. We make many a product, of which our most popular one is Botanic Aroma Fairness Cream. Manufacturing Facility:

All our products are manufactured at South Keraniganj, Dhaka, 1310. We have a very good research and development (R&D) division comprising of a large team of highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel. We also have a SKIN CARE CENTER at Panthapath, Haque Chamber (level 3), Dhaka, 1205.

Distribution Channel:
We basically distribute our product on our own to the retailers, but we don’t have our own showrooms apart from a new SKIN CARE CENTER in Panthapath. There, we sell our products to the customers based on their needs. Apart from that, we have a few wholesalers outside of Dhaka who sell to the retailers in their districts. However, most of the distribution is done by the company itself.

Market size, Area:
At the present, our market size is at a good position, having captured the whole rural area targeting lower SEC B and SEC C. We are now intent on penetrating the upper SEC B segment on the urban market.

Botanic Aroma Fairness Cream:
Fairness cream 20 gm ContainerProduct price
Fairness cream tk. 140
Usage, Frequency, Occasion:
The product is a high-involvement product, requiring users to apply it on a daily basis. Position in the market:
We introduced our product in 2002 and right now we are at a growth.
Brand media history:
We are currently promoting our products through media advertising; We use a lot of outdoor promotion and we have 3 new TVCs airing on TV channels, however, there are no TVCs for our Fairness Cream, which is the most sold product. However, we are not being able to reach out to the urban market like we want to. Therefore we believe we need a better means of communication and a reintroduction of the product towards a new set of customers, i.e. new TG.

Market Context:
Market size is significantly huge and as Bangladeshi society has a inclination towards fair skin there is a huge potential for our product to grab a larger market share and consequently earn more profit.. Sale of this product is higher in rural areas of all the division of country comparing to urban areas Current market trend is to go for herbal products instead of chemical to protect skin from harmful side effects and our product as a herbal product has a competitive advantage in this. Competitors

Local competitorsForeign Competitors
Fair and LovelyPonds White Beauty
Mamtaz Herbal Fairness CreamGarnier Light
Lata Herbal Fairness CreamOlay Whitening Cream

Local competitors
Lata herbal-
Initially it gained wide popularity, but slowly as consumers realized there are certain side effects, they are slowly shifting to other products.  In that regard it is a weak competitor but, we have to keep in mind there is a certain loyal customer base of this product. They promotional activities are not as elaborate as ours. •Mamtaz Herbal fairness cream-

A strong competitor with good distribution channel.
Loyal customer base
They promote through Print ads and TVCs in local TV channels •Fair and lovely-
The strongest local competitor with excellent marketing and distribution channel Have established a well recognized brand fame, awareness, and reputation. A product of FMCG giant Unilever.
The effectiveness of the product is not as fast as ours but their heavy promotions and brand awareness has competitive advantage over us Lots of variants for different customer needs
Foreign competitors
Olay whitening fairness cream-
High price product. It is very popular among upper SEC B with elegant and focused marketing strategy. No variant exists but an elaborate product bundle is there with the fairness cream •...
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