Boston Tea Party Perspective Essay

Topics: American Revolution, Townshend Acts, Boston Massacre Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Dimyana Shonoda
Mr. Gregory
November 21, 2012
What really happened in Boston Massacre
Throughout the 1760s, Boston was concerned and worried however, those feelings quickly turned into hostility and aggression. There were several fights and disagreements between the Britain and its American colonies. Britain imposed the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and most importantly the Townshend Act. People became angry and intended to destroy the tax revenues the government was charging them. On March 5, 1770 the tensions developed into bloodshed. This crucial night quickly became referred to as the Boston Massacre.

On that fateful Monday snowy night about 8 o’clock, the colonists said the most cruel and horrid threats against the British troops. The colonies surrounded each other after three days of unrest and after angry crowds wander the streets where they held clubs and weapons to take revenge. Captain Thomas Preston heard the colonists were going to capture the soldiers and murder them. After hearing the crude news, he sent troops in which twelve British soldiers to protect themselves and the king’s money.

Dozens of men who lost their jobs and blamed British gathered around and face off with twelve red coats with orders not to fire. A seventeen year old Edward Garrick and many other colonists were very teasing to the colonists in whom they used language such as “come on you rascals, you bloody backs, you lobster scoundrels, fire if you dare, fire and be damned, we know you dare not,” and much more crude language was used Edward Garrick was smacked by the other end of a musket and this is how war starts. English troops and the American colonies began to get furious and irritated.

Robert Montgomery a British soldier was hit by a club by one of the colonies in where he stands up and points his gun in front of the colonies in where you hear a shot. Captain Thomas Preston’s was asked by a well behaved colonist if the guns were charged and captain Preston’s...
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