Boston Tea Party 1773

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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Boston Tea Party-Tea Party Movement Outline

Introduction Statement: The Tea Party that took place in Boston in 1773 has set many platforms up for up and coming movements like the new grass roots conservative movement-the Tea Party Movement that has inspired creative thinking across the nation, and of course in its native Boston.

I. Background/ History
A. 1773 Tea Party
1. Leaders
a. Paul Revere
1. Son of Liberty
2. Reasons for starting the tea party
a. Unfair English rule
b. “No taxation without representation”
3. Wanted to accomplish the 5 freedoms
a. Speech
b. Petition
c. Religion
d. Press
e. Assembly

II. The Tea-Party Movement
A. Grass roots movement
1. Frustrated middle-class Americans
2. Actively protests
B. Growth of Movement
1. Social Media

III. 1773 Inspiration for Tea Party Movement
A. Connection
1. Tyrant/Corrupt rulers
a. Magna Carta reference
B. Similarities
1. How Situations Are Approached
a. Box of Tea Bags thrown over the fence at the White House
b. Tea Bags being dumped in the Harbor
C. Concepts
1. “No taxation without representation”
2. Corrupt Government
a. Stop violating the Constitution
b. Cut government spending
IV. The Tea Party Movement Captivates the Nation
A. Division of Politic Beliefs Within Party
1. Conservative vs. Intellectual thought
B. No Clear Leadership
1. Series of Important Politicians
a. Act as party’s spokesmen

V. Beliefs
A. Government often makes unconstitutional calls
1. Obama
2. Spoiling Wall Street
3. Stimulus Package
B. Moral Issues
1. Obama Care
a. Abortions, “free” birth control pills, “gay” marriage
2. Lottery
a. Essentially taxing the poor
V1. Boston Roots
A. Both started in Boston

Closing Statement: Originating over taxing tea bags in the Boston Harbor to over two hundred years later into collaborative conservative thinking...
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