Boston Museum Art History

Anubis, Old Kingdom of Egypt, Art of ancient Egypt

About one million people visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts each year. Malcolm Rogers, the Ann and Graham Gund Director of the Museum, has done a lot recently to add and expand the different galleries within the museum. As the director he has brought almost 300 different exhibits to the Museum of Fine Arts. Some of these exhibits include Greek, Egyptian, Asiatic, and American.

We start in the Greek and Roman art gallery where we come across a beautiful plaster scene titled Maenads in a Wood by the French artitst Gustave Doré. This was done in 1879. Doré turned into a sculpter late in his career. This sculpture was inspired by one of Doré’s earlier pantings. The scene of the sculpture is depicting the Maenads. Who are followers of Dionysus, god of wine. In the sculpture these women followers are doing a bacchic dance in the woods. Your eyes directly go to the center woman who is on top of the rock. All the other women and elegantly dancing around her.

The next piece from the Greek and Roman gallery was a 13,000 pound, 13 foot tall sculpture of Juno. She was being conserved while in the museum. It is the largest classical sculpture in the museum. Juno was sculpted around 1633 and her location is unknown, but before arriving at the Museum of Fine Arts she resided in the Villa Ludovisi in a Roman garden complex. Juno is wearing a crescent crown and is draped in a dress. The artist paid a lot of detail to her dress as you can see the delicate flow of the material making it almost seem real.

These two pieces from the Greek and Roman gallery show us that during this time period sculpting was very big. It was a way to capture and freeze scenes or people.

Next we move to the Egyptian gallery where we encounter a relief from a tomb. This relief comes from Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4 in Egypt when Khufu was ruling at about 2551 B.C. This relief specifically comes from King Khufu’s great pyramid at Giza. The specific couple that the...
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