Boston Massacre

Topics: Paul Revere, 2005 albums, Boston Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Essay Prompt: Who was to blame for the Boston Massacre?

Directions: After analyzing the seven primary sources, determine who was to blame for the Boston Massacre. The essay must contain • an introduction with background history information
• an underlined thesis statement addressing the prompt • supporting points cited from at least 4 of the primary sources. Make sure to reference the author of the source when referencing the information. (ex. Major Preston reported that…. or Paul Revere recorded in his drawing that ….) • a conclusion with analysis and new insight. The conclusion does not simply re-state the thesis. It is appropriate to point out the weaknesses or negative points of the opposition viewpoint if you wish.

Do List
• spell check
• ask someone to proof read and then correct grammar, sentence structure etc. • Ask yourself have you persuaded the reader to your point of view by using evidence from the primary sources. Have you acted like a lawyer using physical evidence to convince a jury and not circumstantial evidence. • Type and print the essay prior to coming to class. Do not bring your storage device for me to print. • Essay should be 11/2 to 2 pages, 12 font, black ink

• Work on the essay for several days and make changes. Seek help from the teacher after school if you have questions.

Do Not List
• Do not use “I think, I believe, I feel” in the essay. Make your points declarative and support them with references to the primary source and analysis. • Do not use personal pronouns in the essay, “our nation, we wanted, we were afraid.” You are not part of the story. State “the nation, the colonials wanted, the Bostonians were afraid,” etc.

• Do not bring your storage device for me to print the essay during class. Come to my room by 7:30 am for printing or go to the library during lunch. • Do not fail to turn your essay in on time. Email the...
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