Boston Massacre

Topics: American Revolution, Stamp Act 1765, British Empire Pages: 4 (1449 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Hiller B. Zobel presents a different aspect of the known story of The Boston Massacre. He also included historical research to give more info on why it was caused, why it wasn’t stop, and supports of it. Zobel’s main purpose is to take away the myth, of what really happen on March 5th, 1770, to show it was a mere incident, instead of a pre meditated killing form the British. With that included he gives details on all the intolerable acts, all of which stirred up anger in Boston. Also, the violence that was used by Boston's radical elements to try to counter these acts. Also explains why the British soldiers were in Boston in the first place. Here starts off on explaining the events that happen before the massacre, such as the French and Indian War of which he stated “American enemies were the savages who threatened the western settlements, and thus, incidentally, the investments of the seaboard land speculators” (page 5). As well as the new royal representatives they received after the war such as, Francis Bernard “a roast beef of a man with influential connections, arrived in Boston on August 2, 1760” (page 6) and replacement of Chief Justice Stephen Sewall, Thomas Hutchinson “Hutchinson brought not merely a wide acquaintance with the ways of merchants, but a lifetime of thinking of public problems… Serving his countrymen...solution of those problems” (Page 10). The purpose of this was a mere introduction, as well as a foreshadowing of what the British were going to start on. Chapters three through fifth-teen are all the events right before the Boston Massacre, such as the violence over the Sugar Act duties, and the Stamp Act duties in America. Information gathered about the Stamp Act was included “taxes of up to £10 would have to be paid for pre-stamped paper…papers used in clearing ships from harbors, college diplomas, bonds, and deeds for land,…pamphlets, newspapers” (page 25). The action of the Americans was also stated “in 1764, a rudimentary...
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