Boston Consulting Group

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lBoston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm and the leading advisor on business strategy. In 2011, Boston Consulting Group was named one of the Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work for. “Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is One of Only Two Companies to Make the Top dozen Every Year Since 2006; Earns First Place Honors Among Smaller Companies for the Fourth Time and Continues to Enjoy the Highest Ranking Among Consultancies by a Wide Margin” (BCG). BCG continues to be ranked highly by employees and clients because of their personal relationships and their ability to seek change to better their clients, their people, and the society with one no more important then the other. Boston Consulting Group is ranked so high on the Fortune 100 Best Places to Work, not only because of their high rate of pay, but because of the opportunities and benefits they offer to their employees the minute they walk into their doors.

Boston Consulting Group has a strong mission to give their employees an opportunity for professional and personal growth through innovated training and on-the-job experience. New employees at BCG are all assigned a personal career advisor. This advisor helps guide the new employees and helps them find their expertise within BCG, creating a lifelong partnership with them. Through time they continue to train their employees with e-learning modules and virtual classrooms that are personalized to each employees own needs. All their training concentrates on one main goal and that is to make leaders out of all of their employees.

Boston Consulting Group is also very understanding when it comes to unexpected circumstances that may effect their employees ability to be at work on a set schedule. They allow their employees to work flextime. This allows employees to leave early or come in early as long as their work gets done by themselves or is passed on to another peer. Many employees that have children...
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