Boston Case Analysis

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Integrated Marketing Communication
Case Analysis: Boston Fights Drugs(A)

Situation Analysis
 Around 1000 drug trafficking arrests in Boston  Drugs worth $250,000,000 seized  Drugs seized only constituted 5-10% of total drug volume  Crack epidemic expected to spread in Boston

Hence Mayor Flynn asked Harvard Business School students to create a plan for “de market” of the DRUGS

Integrated Marketing Communication

Drug Programmes
• Strict laws implemented • Number of arrests were doubled • But its not very effective in convincing the people and their demand still keeps increasing

• Drug education part of school curriculum • Promotional efforts by SPECDA and BAD • Citizens encourage to turn-up drug users

Communications Program
• Channel used is Mass Media • Commercials featuring celebrities and local instances • But commercials were not effectively appealing the mass

Integrated Marketing Communication

 To devise a communication program that delivers the most effective messages to target audience; thus curtailing the drug use among youth in Boston area  To do a market research and to evaluate the credibility of research Three step Process

What message to be delivered??? Delivery of Message to Intended Recipient

Identification of Delivery Channel

Integrated Marketing Communication

Assignment Question
What are your views on the team's model for drug absue? on the research methodology followed?

Integrated Marketing Communication

Our Perspective about the Model Used
 Pertinent classification of drug users
– Non users, Experimental users, Regular users, Drug dependent individuals

 Provides structure for data collection  Scope to identify the percentage of people in each of the segments  Can be used to highlight the ethnic and socioeconomic distribution of individuals  Screening questionnaire was an effective tool to identify the appropriate mix of respondents to be considered for FGD

Integrated Marketing Communication

Primary Research Options
 Quantitative Surveys
– Low response rate of 5 – 20 % expected – Advantage – Results not biased by the interviewer – Cost - $10,000 to $15,000

 Focus Group Discussions
– For each group of 8 – 10 costs will be $500 - $1500 – Psychologists to interpret the focus group data – Could act as brainstorming exercise providing insights to researchers

 One-to-One Interviews
– Unstructured and more open ended – Total cost Incurred: $75 - $150 (counselor's fee and stipend) – Interviewers need to trained accordingly

Integrated Marketing Communication

Contrast among Research Options
Parameters of Assessment Time Cost Type of data obtained Degree of bias Number of respondents covered at a time Number of Phases Questionnaire Surveys Low Low ($15 per person) Quantitative Low Significantly Large Focus Group Discussions High High($112.5 per person) Qualitative Moderate to High 10-12 per session One-to-One Interviews Very High High($112.5 per person) Qualitative High 1

More than 2



Integrated Marketing Communication

Viewpoint on FGD
Pros • Face to face interactions with participants • Experience moderator can guide the flow of discussion • It is recorded for future references and analysis by professional psycologists • Provides creative ideas and insights to researchers • The researcher can get information from non-verbal responses, such as facial expressions or body language. Cons • Additional cost of moderator • Peer response can influence individual viewpoint • Time constraint might be an issue and consumes more time than a questionnaire survey • Doesn’t provide quantitative data

Integrated Marketing Communication

Rationale of Choosing FGD

The target respondents were in the age group of 10-18 years

Questionnaire method is not suitable as the young target audience would find it difficult to interpret the questions

The number of stages were more in...
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