Bossini Proposal

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Brand Pages: 4 (762 words) Published: March 28, 2012
Analyzing ‘Bossini’s’ Marketing Efforts in China

Theme and scope of our project.

To analyze and evaluate the characteristics and effectiveness of Bossini’s marketing strategy as a casual wear retailer in China.

The marketing management and strategic issues that will be investigated and discussed.

Identifying China as their key growth driver for the future

With the government’s aim to bolster domestic spending and the vast potential for consumer consumption in the retail apparel market, Bossini has identified China as a key growth driver in the medium and long term. Bossini has devoted many resources to develop this market, making China a central part of their corporate strategy. What has Bossini done to penetrate the China market so far and why are they so confident about the China market to devote so much attention and resources to it? Where in China is the rapid expansion focused on?

Using Franchising as a pragmatic way to expand the distribution network

To accelerate the expansion into the China market, Bossini has adjusted the balance between directly managed stores and franchised stores, increasing the percentage of franchised stores as a pragmatic way to expand the distribution network. How has Bossini used franchising to expand the distribution channel and in a way that has kept effective control of their brand? What are the kinds of franchise support given to their franchisees? What are the benefits of using franchising as a key growth strategy?

Identify the importance of a unique brand positioning in China.

When Bossini first entered the market in China, it lacked a clear strategy to position its brand, enhance its brand value and lack clear market segmentation. As a result, it has made substantial losses in China until they’ve revamped and repositioned its brand image. What has the marketing management done to its brand image that has caused such a successful turnaround? How does Bossini view its...
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