Bossini's Backgroud and Business

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About us - Bossini International Holdings Limited, listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1993 (stock code: 592), and its subsidiaries ("Bossini") is a leading apparel brand owner, retailer and franchiser in the region. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Bossini launched its first retail outlet in 1987. Over the past two decades, it rapidly established an extensive international operating platform and distribution network and successfully expanded its business to about 30 countries & regions around the globe, with its five core markets of Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Brand Image
* "bossini" is a widely recognised casual wear brand renowned for its comfortable, easy to mix-and-match, colorful and energetic style. bossini offers a full range of good value for money casual wear apparel products, including ladies', men’s, kids', babies' and young's wear which are designed to fit our customers' need.

Brand Value
* To promote a positive life attitude, "be happy" is bossini's brand value. Through the colorful products and visual merchandising, the smiling faces of our staff with willing services, appropriate humor essence in various products, etc, we aim to offer a comfortable and relaxing shopping environment, thus a happy shopping experience to our customers. We aspire to make them our happy customers.

* To be the top-of-mind brand leader
* To create incremental value for the brand every every way Shared Value
* Employees and the company are bonded by a commitment
to serve each other's interests in the best way possible

Business Opportunities
2. Win-win Proposition
* Our international success is the result of the relentless efforts from both Bossini's & our franchisee's teams, striving to serve the needs of each individual markets. It is our goal to support our franchisees to build their business. 1. Global Distribution Networks...
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