Boss vs. Employees

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  • Published : April 21, 2012
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1. Whenever your boss asks for feedback about an idea, she blasts anyone who criticizes the idea no matter how gently the news is broken to her. This defensive reaction has caused people to start agreeing with everything she says. You think that the situation is unhealthy for the company as well as for your boss. Therefore, despite the likelihood for her reacting defensively, you want to talk to her about it. List out some of the things you intend to say to her when you meet her the next day.

2. You are stuck. Your boss has asked you to make your presentation to the board at lunch. You dread the prospect. It is bad enough that you have to convince such a stuffy group to spend more money on employee training and education but to have to do it over lunch at a formally set table for nine in the middle of a busy restaurant and that is too much. What can you do to get the board member’s attention, keep it, and overcome the interruptions and noise of the restaurant’s waiters and lunch crowd? Provide a solution for this situation.

3. Your boss refuses to adopt computers for communication purposes – choosing to rely on dictation, letters and simple face to face contact. What kind or arguments would you use to persuade your boss to give communication technology a try?

4. Your employees are breaking into ethnically based cliques. Member or ethnic groups eat together, socialize together, and chat in their native language while at work. Some of the other team members feel alienated. How would you encourage cooperation and teamwork among the staff?

a. Ban the use of language other than English at work.
b. Do nothing. This is considered normal behavior.
c. Have regular meetings and encourage the staff to mingle and get to know each other better. d. Send all your employees to diversity training classes.

Choose only one of the options given above.

5. Differences in gander, age and physical abilities contribute to the diversity of...
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