Boss Bottled Case Study

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BOSS Bottled Refresh
The ‘’leisure’’ fragrance

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Introducing BOSS Bottled Refresh
The fragrance market3
Current positioning4
Target segments6
Distribution channels7
Media Use7
Strategic Goals8
A new fragrance9
Practical Implications10
Evaluation and return on investment13
Return on investment13
Appendix 1 Hugo BOSS product lines16
Appendix 2 Existing Advertisements19
Appendix 3 BOSS Bottled Refresh19
Appendix 3 New BOSS Bottled product line20
Appendix 4: Timeline20
Appendix 5: Costs and benefits20
Appendix 6: Stroer outdoor advertising21
Appendix 7: Stroer outdoor advertising example22

The German fragrance market in 2009 and 2010 has faced stagnation in value growth in line with the financial crisis but expects a growth of 3% in 2011 (Euromonitor 2011). To gain market share and revenues in this highly competitive market we propose a new marketing concept to introduce a new fragrance into the BOSS Black Bottle House. In the first part we analyze the German fragrance market, the current BOSS Black and BOSS fashion positioning, the target group as well as competitors. This analysis builds the fundament for the second part, in which we define strategic goals and expose a strategy to reach the goals proposed. We identified long-lasting and mutual profitable relationships with customers as well as consumers as key success factors and outline steps to initiate these relationships. Analysis

The fragrance market
The fragrance market has made some changes the last years. Since a lot of people are not as well off financially as they were before, they are cutting back on certain products. Fragrances are these kinds of products. Western Europe maintained its lead in regional value size, but stagnant growth in the region in 2009 pulled down worldwide growth overall (Euromonitor, 2010). Since there is an economic crisis, consumers are less willing to treat themselves on a nice fragrance, but are more likely to purchase fragrances as a gift. This resulted in December being the strongest month for fragrance sales, and fragrance sales became increasingly seasonal (Euromonitor, 2011). In particular premium fragrances were affected most by seasonality, since people find premium fragrance too expensive for personal use, and therefore give it as a gift with Christmas or birthdays. This seasonality perhaps protected the fragrance market for a decrease in sales, since the cosmetics market for example showed a decrease in sales between 2008 and 2009, while fragrances scored marginally well (Euromonitor, 2010). Cosmetics tend to be bought for personal use, and therefore many consumers cut back on such purchases. In 2010 the premium fragrance market even showed a 1% increase in sales, while the mass fragrance market showed a decrease of 2%. People used cheaper body sprays as fragrance substitutes. So the increase in growth for premium brands probably is due to the fact that premium fragrances were bought as a gift instead of personal use, and mass fragrances for personal use. P&G Prestige Beauté had a very successful campaign anticipating on this gift market. With the D&G anthology which was introduced in 2009 and show rapid growth until 2010, P&G Prestige Beauté succeeded to capture a large part of the market. D&G anthology was offered in five 20ml bottles which resulted in a very popular gift and therefore became one of the best selling fragrances. The main finding from this market analysis is that the fragrance market has shifted from a personal use- to a gift market. This has to be taken into account by BOSS when thinking about new campaigns. Current positioning

BOSS is more than just fragrances. Probably one first thinks of other...
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