Boss and Employee Relationship

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A big part of maintaining the Boss/Employee relationship is to never allow a boss to think you dislike your work. THAT’S NOT MY JOB
You know what? Several bosses are simple souls who think your job is to do what’s asked of you. So even if you are assigned a task that is indeed, not your job, refrain from saying so. Instead, try to find out why your boss is assigning you this task-there may be a valid reason. If you believe that doing the task is a bad idea (as in, bad for the company) you can try explaining why and suggesting how it can be better done by someone else. This may work, depending on the boss. In any case, remember that doing what’s asked of you, even tasks outside your job description is good.

When people say something is not their problem it makes them look like they don’t care. This does not endear them to anybody, especially the boss. If a problem is brewing and you have nothing constructive to say, it’s better to say nothing at all. Even better is to pitch in and try to help. Because ultimately, a problem in the work place is everyone’s problem. We are all in it together.

Yet another four words to be avoided. Human nature is weird. Claiming that something is not our fault often has the result of making people suspect it is. Besides, what’s the real issue here? It’s that something went wrong and needs to be fixed. That’s what people should be thinking about not who is to blame.

Complaining you are overworked will not make your boss feel sorry for you or go easier on you. Instead, a boss will think * You resent your job
* You are not up to your job
Everybody especially nowadays, feels pressured and overworked. If you are trying to be funny, please note that some sarcasm is funny and lightens the mood. I AM OVERQUALIFIED FOR THIS JOB
Hey maybe you are. But the fact is, this is the job you...
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