Boses (Voices) Film Review

Topics: Bullying, Violin, Filipino actors Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: July 21, 2008

Production Company: Erasto Films
Director/Executive Producer: Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil
Co-Director and Technical Supervisor: Milo Paz
Director of Photography: Nap Jamir
Associate Producers: Shandii Bacolod, Tonee Acejo
Supervising Producer: Cynthia Paz
Screenplay: Froi Medina, Rody Vera
Original Compositions and Score: Jourdann O. Petalver
Musical Direction: Coke Bolipata
Sound Supervision: Allan Marcelo Hilado
Production Designer: Bianca Gonzalez
Editor: Orlean Tan
Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata: Ariel
Julian Duque: Onyok
Ricky Davao: Marcelo
Cherry Pie Picache: Amanda
Meryll Soriano: Ariel’s Girlfriend
Carl John Barrameda: Enteng
Tala Santos
Mailes Kanapi
Soliman Cruz
Roence Santos
Chromewell Cosio
Joseph Valdes
Jourdann Petalver
Robert Tismo
The movie unlocks with Marcelo (Ricky Davao) as he sits in a dimly lit room doing his life’s vices, smoking and drinking. He is disturbed by a series of knocks and then two male cops appear right after the door opens. Then two other women follow—a neighbor and a DSWD representative. They are looking for Onyok (Julian Duque), Marcelo’s son who is heard with shrill cries of pain that same day. They discover the boy hiding inside a cabinet looking extremely pale, bruised and frightened.

The boy is brought to a shelter run by Amanda (Cherrie Pie Picache) while his father undergoes counseling and therapy. It is found that Onyok is unable to utter a single word due to either an object is powerfully stuffed inside his mouth, or psychological trauma. This incapacity makes him attractive target for bullies like Enteng (Carl John Barrameda). When an incident of teasing and bullying forces Onyok to violently fight back and hit Enteng's head, he goes hiding inside a closet, the usual thing he does whenever he is scared. The closet is in the house of Ariel (Coke Bolipata), Amanda’s withdrawn and bad-tempered brother. Ariel gets very furious when he saw Onyok hiding...
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