Bose Swot Analysis

Topics: Management, Strategic management, SWOT analysis Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Global Strategic Management - Bose Corporation

- Executive Summary & Key Findings

- Issues & Outlook Profile: mission, objectives and vision; address the most important issues facing the firm; have the firm been successful and why? Very broadly, where is the firm heading? Audience- Executives. (Fauna- I spelled your name right!)

- External Analysis:
Five competitive forces
conclusion drawn from SWOT (only opportunities and threats)
Which environmental forces are most likely to influence the firm’s actions and future performance: international competitive, economic, political, cultural, technological, or legal forces or actors? Who are the firm’s present/future customers? .Competitors? Use these questions to develop list of opportunities and threats and briefly discuss why each are important. (Martin and Simon)

- Internal Analysis:
Resources and Capabilities
SWOT (only strengths and weaknesses)
Importance of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage
VRIO analysis
Identifies the principal resources and capabilities needed to compete effectively in your area of business and evaluates your organization’s resources and capabilities in terms of (a) strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors (b) the importance for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. (Helen and Éithne)

- Derives strategy implications from your analysis: how can the organization exploit its strengths more effectively; what should be done about weaknesses? (together)

- Action plans: this section comprises the largest, most important single section of the paper and should be given the most weight and attention. The best action plan is likely to be broken up into discrete, identifiable components and sub-sections. Each component of the overall action plan should contain the following: a label for each strategic action, a set of specific tasks to be carried out, justifications, a brief description of new resources required/to be developed, and a brief...
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