Born Into Brothels

Topics: Born into Brothels, Zana Briski, Parent Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: November 26, 2010
Born into Brothels, a life of turmoil.
In India, children from Calcutta are born into turmoil. Prostitution, poverty and little hope for the future, can make anyone who sees this documentary feel sorry for these children. Avajit(one of Zana Briski’s pupils)said; “there is nothing called hope in my future”. These children can subdue to the anguish, and follow the lead of their parents, or they can create their future by trying to educate themselves. The children from Calcutta have a choice, but do they really want to change from this lifestyle? The future of these children starts with parental moral support, and economic stability of the family, which can impact the future of their lives. Watching Born into Brothels, one can sympathize with the life the subjects lead. The depiction of overpopulated, deteriorating environment, and crowded living conditions, set the mood. The children born into these conditions did not ask to “walk the line” (forced into prostitution at the age of 13), they did not ask to clean houses or be verbally beaten by their parents filthy mouths. These children believe this is the way of life in Calcutta, India. These children have seen no other way of life till now. Tapasi (another pupil of Briski) was quoted saying; “when we first got to use the camera it felt so good. Before we got the chance…we’d watch other people doing it and wish we had a camera too.” Most of these kids parents did not go to school, so for this family to believe their child Tapasi had a future in photography, was not very promising. Another child named Kochi said; “I feel shy taking pictures outside, people taunt us, they say “where did you get those cameras from?” The sentiment in this quote particularly signifies how the authoritive figures around Kochi have impacted her choice to become something better. Kochi has regret taking these photographs because of how other individuals look at her. Her intuitiveness is diminished by others spiting...
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