Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Attention, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (970 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Garcia, Beverly O.
BSA- 102

8. Boredom in school
Boredom in school that has different causes that makes a student do bad in their learning habit. Its causes could be a simple disinterest or impairabilty. Its effects would either make their school life not so good or their career not so productive. However, this study topic about boredom might not be too interesting to some students. But this would let them know that simple things like boredom could affect their lives. 8.1 Causes of boredom

There are many causes of boredom that a student acquires. There are also such simple factors of becoming bored. And a bit complicated causes that are not popularly known. It is important to have knowledge of a cause of a specific matter. That knowledge would give an idea on how to prevent being bored.

8.1.1 Less enjoyable things
Topics or lack of challenge can cause boredom. Students become bored if they already know the topic being covered in class. Gifted student, for example grasp concepts easily and quickly and exhibit skill proficiency beyond their grade level. Boredom in school is also caused by lack of application of knowledge and some students might think that subjects or topics they are learning are not relevant to their lives and future careers. 8.1.2 Atmosphere and Weather

The atmosphere and weather are also factors of being bored. For example, for the month of March, students could feel the summer heat; therefore, they cannot focus more on the topic in their class. Thus, it makes them bored once they’ve realized that they cannot cope up with the lessons. 8.1.3 Impaired ability of a student

One more cause of boredom is the impaired ability of a student. Some examples are: Non verbal Learning Disorder (NLD) that impairs a person’s ability to solve problems, think critically or creatively, form concepts and reasons. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are similar diseases that rob students of the ability...
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