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Guide Lines for Success

Music History Project

Overview: This project is designed for the student to explore the recession of their favorite singer, songwriter, or band, in terms of musical influence of inspiration; all the way back to the Medieval Period of written music history. The project will involve the creation of an essay, speech (with visual aid) and, a timeline delineating the progression from the medieval to modern day musician.

Essay: Pick your favorite musician. Begin researching that musician on your own. We WILL take class time to research primary sources. However, DO NOT WAIT for that opportunity. Begin researching RIGHT AWAY. I will be looking for a rough draft on or around February 7th. I will be looking at a final draft to fix any last minute errors on February 28th. That gives you a whole month to prepare your essay. Therefore, NO EXCUSES will be accepted for missing a deadline. We will begin presentations on the first class period AFTER SPRING BREAK. So, be ready. Essays are due the same day. You MUST write 5 complete paragraphs! If there are not 5 paragraphs you will not receive credit for the assignment!

Presentation: You will be required to present to the class a presentation that needs to last at least TEN MINUTES. You are by no means limited to ten minutes but you must have at least ten minutes prepared to present to your class. Talk about your musician and how their music was influenced by the history of the times and by other musicians. Trace the musical lineage step by step to the medieval times. Yes, most likely, the entire class will reach the same conclusion that all music, at least from this side of the globe, was influenced by classical music. Continue to do the research anyway. You will also be required to provide a visual aid (Poster) detailing the timeline and historical points of your presentation.

Musical Selections: At each “check point” in your musical timeline, please select one piece of music that represents the similarities between each artist. For instance, if one were researching Queen, then you might select “Bohemian Raphsody” to listen to in class. For your next “Checkpoint” you might select, “Come together” by the Beatles. If Lady Gaga’s inspiration was Madonna then we would listen to examples of both artists’ music. Have MANY examples that we can listen to via grooveshark or spotify so that we can hear the similarities in class. Remember the idea of this assignment is to see how music transformed over the generations.


|Form |Texture | |Harmony |Feel | |Chord Structure | | |Subject Material (they wrote about the same things) | |


Every caption is based on a 100 pt. system.

| |Developing, < 50 pts. |Apprentice Level, 51-69 pts. |On Target, 70-90 pts. |Distinguished, > 90 pts. | |Sources, emphasis on primary sources. |0 primary sources, 2 secondary sources or |1 primary source, 3 secondary sources |2 primary sources, 4 secondary sources|More than 2 primary sources, more than 4 | |...
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