Borders and Boundries

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, John Sayles Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: October 6, 2008
Borders and Boundaries
In John Sayles movie “Lone Star” and in Silko’s article “The Border patrol State”, the main idea in both the readings revolve around the racial discrimination and the racism based on the ethnicity on the U.S Borders. Both the readings have the clues and evidences where the authors are challenging the conventional notions of the borders in the U.S. Silko, on one hand, sees the border patrol as a governmental assembly addicted to interrogation, torture, and the murder of those they see fit for whereas in John Sayles “Lone Star” determines the stereotypes prevailing at the borders and the whole film then revolves around the idea of discrimination and the connection between these types of people on borders. Both the article and the film describe the border as the American Iron Curtain in some sense. Borders, according to both the literatures are the geographical boundaries created by humans based on race, ethnicity and skin color consisting political/social interests as basic elements. First of all, the meaning of border according to both the literatures are, the geographical limits created by humans based on race. John Sayles in his film describes the various stereotypes living in the same community near to the border and their inefficient interaction full of hatred. He takes the various people from different races in his movie and try’s to explain their stereotype nature. It involves a murder mystery of a person, love and romance, and the various other characters in his film. His movie revolves around the murder mystery of a police officer Deeds and throughout the film he try’s to explain the various conflicts between the communities. To illustrate, the central theme of the John Sayle’s film is the uneasy interaction of racial groups along the Texas-Mexico border. As Sheriff Sam Deeds says in one of the film’s opening scenes, “This country’s seen a good number of disagreements over the years.”(24). He explains how various communities have...
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