Borderline Personality Disorder

Topics: Borderline personality disorder, Suicide, Self-harm Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Taylor Seegraves
Mr. Willet
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28 May 2013
Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder is identified by an unusual depth of moods. Bpd has been known to affect relationships between friends and family. People who are diagnosed with bpd have an unstable self image and feelings of abandonment. Moods may change from high positive regards to heavy dislike or extreme hatred. Self-harm and suicidal behavior can occur and require inpatient psychiatric care. Symptoms of bpd can be found in children, without treatment, symptoms can worsen potentially leading to suicide attempts.

A diagnosis of Bpd is made by a qualified mental expert. Symptoms that may be present are a marked tendency to engage in quarrelsome behavior and to have conflicts with others; liability to outbursts of anger; with the inability to control the resulting behavioral explosions, and have a unstable and impulsive mood. Other symptoms that may be present are an uncertainty about self-image, liability to become involved in intense and unstable relationships often leading to emotional crisis and recurring threats or acts of self harm.

Impulsive behaviors are common such as eating disorders, unprotected sex, and reckless driving. Impulsive behaviors can also include running away, shoplifting, and quitting jobs. in the lo0ng run people with Borderline personality disorder suffer increased guilt or pain following these actions. A cycle often begins in which people with bpd feel emotional pain and engage in impulsive behaviors can become and automatic response to emotional pain.

Self-harming or suicidal behavior is one of the diagnostic criteria for borderline personality disorder. The suicide rate among people with bpd is between eight to ten percent. Self-harm is common with or without suicidal intent; self-harm can be used as a distraction from emotional pain or for a feeling of control in ones life. Suicide attempts are usually in the belief that others would be...
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