Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline Personality Disorder is a serious mental illness marked by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. Borderline Personality Disorder became a diagnosable illness in 1980. Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals use a DSM to diagnose mental illnesses. A DSM is a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (What is borderline personality disorder, n.d). Problem

With severe Borderline Personality Disorder people usually have brief psychotic episodes; experts first thought of this disorder as unusual, versions of other mental illnesses. In Borderline Personality Disorder most people generally suffer from the following: problems with regulating emotions and thoughts, impulsive behavior, and unstable relationships. Along with this illness, some people also suffer from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, suicidal behaviors and completed suicides (What is borderline personality disorder, n.d). Treatment

Borderline Personality Disorder can be treated with psychotherapy or “talk” therapy. Mental health professionals may also recommend medications for specific symptoms. The first treatment may involve psychotherapy, which can relieve some symptoms. The relationship between the person with Borderline Personality Disorder and the therapist is very important, they must trust their therapist which can be very difficult with a person with Borderline Personality Disorder (How is borderline personality disorder treated, n.d). Important Facts

A person with Borderline Personality Disorder doesn’t see themselves as other people see them, they may see themselves as useless. Another person may not want to get emotionally attached to the person with Borderline Personality Disorder, but they only want the love and attention of a secure and stable relationship. In some severe cases of Borderline Personality Disorder, it may require long term health care and hospitalization, but usually over time...
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