Borderless World

Topics: Minority group, Sociology, Nation Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: April 30, 2008
The logic of globalisation would appear to be to create a borderless world of free and open mobility. What are the implications of such mobility?

The society in which we live is being profoundly altered due to migration. Immigration laws control situations within nation states however the logic of globalisation would be to create a borderless world of free and open mobility, were people are free to move to any country they wish, were no restrictions are placed on individual choice and foremost freedom of the people; however a borderless world does not seem such a utopia upon examination. The aim of this paper is to discuss the implications of a borderless world. The implications of such free and open mobility can be seen through the analysis of current situations and also by examining historical movements.

One possible implication of a borderless world of free and open mobility would be the vast movement of people between countries. A borderless world would have a significant effect on government, politics and power. Democracy in some countries would be threatened as different civilisations place different importance on different values and norms. In borderless states, the common rights of people would disappear. A borderless society would create conflict as different groups of people’s interest clash.

Another important implication of a borderless world would be the issue of inequality. If people were able to move freely to any particular country the national services of a country would be under strain. For example, in a borderless UK, the national services such as the educational system and national health services would most likely collapse as wealthier countries would become over populated. Over population would difficult for national governments to control. Over population would also lead to higher crime rates, this will be discussed in more detail by Alison.

A mass movement of people through a borderless world would certainly increase the...
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