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Throughout Michael Dibdin’s piece “The Last Sherlock Holmes Story”, the author frequently portrays the concept of borderlands to elucidate important themes and events in the story. The importance of this concept is crucial in defining what makes the story so complex and yet almost explicit at the same time. Essentially the concept of borderlands conveys the idea of dualism, metaphorically, symbolically, and intrinsically.

Sherlock Holmes in himself is already a complex entity which symbolically reveals dualism quite well in his alternate role as Professor Moriarty. This insight reveals the contrast between good and evil, and the borderland in many ways tests the bounds of morality to constitute what is right or just and what is considered wrong or unjust. This can explain a borderland between right and wrong in that whether Holmes is right for acting as a detective against how own wrong doings, or acts as a criminal through Moriarty. The theme of borderlands is imperative in establishing right and wrong in the story.

Borderlands so far have been explained through symbolic approach, yet in Dibdin’s work it can also represent a true, intrinsic concept of separation. There is a natural borderland which divides society in its enlightened self, and also it’s dark side where prostitutes were allowed to flourish. Again dualism through the use of a borderland is seen, however this time metaphorically explains our division of what is literal and what is metaphorical on the concept of borderlands. It is relevant to Dibdin’s work because it demonstrates reality and its hidden truths.

Another existent borderland is the pronunciation of high and low class. Although this intrinsic definition presents dualism and division of status, it can metaphorically define Holmes in another perspective as an individual who contradicts and essentially transposes the borderline, rather than being clearly defined by each side of either lower or higher class; or in other embodiments,...
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