Border Town Wars

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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My topic is about drug trafficking in the United States. I have selected this topic because of the war that is going on in the southern border states. The main states are Arizona, Southern California, and Texas. Since the Mexican government has declared war on the cartels, there has been an influx of illegal drug trafficking. "The United States has much to gain by helping strengthen its southern neighbor and even more to lose if it does not."(Shirk, 2011). This is true because if the Mexican state collapsed the United States would have a harder time controlling the 1,951 mile border which separates the two countries. The drug cartel violence also affects the communities surrounding the border. The United States in the largest consumer of drugs coming from Mexico and also a major part of the weaponry supplier to the cartels.

I plan on refining my topic by identifying the source of most of where the drug trafficking comes from, which would be Mexico. The report will also have information based on what our government has been doing and what they plan on doing to prevent the drugs from entering the United States. The topic will also go over the main drugs that have been coming into the country. The topic will also go over how much money is lost to the cartel when their drug loads are seized by American border patrol agents. Annual reports given on trafficking by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Drug trafficking violence is affecting the towns located on either side of the Mexican-American border

The war on drugs will not stop until a reasonable solution is made. "Interdiction seizures may account for as much as 42 percent of total cocaine production; large seizures are made by the exporting Andean countries, by some of the transshipment nations (particularly Mexico), and by the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Customs"(Keefer, Loayza, 2010). Even with all the...
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