Border Control

Topics: United States, Mexico, Immigration to the United States Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: May 6, 2011
Our Wall

1. I believe Bowden aims his essay towards the American audience who do not know much about American border control or who have not yet formed an opinion. Bowden addresses both points of pros and cons but also states that it is a necessity that America has a wall at the border.

2. Bowden’s thesis is, “Borders everywhere attract violence, violence prompts fences, and eventually fences can mutate into wall.” He states this in the second paragraph on page 61. Is purpose is not only to inform but also express emotions. He doesn’t persuade nor argue for a specific side but rather gives facts and examples of pros and cons of each side using narration. On page 61, Bowden talks about the border between Arizona and Mexico. He gives facts and states there has been much discussion about the newly formed fence on the border. Throughout the rest of the article, he uses references and opinions of both Americans and Mexicans to let the reader make a choice of whether border control is necessary.

3. According to Bowden, a wall symbolizes many things. It may symbolize fear or a desire for control. It can also symbolize racism in some peoples eyes or may just be seen as an object to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. In other countries it can be used to keep people trapped in the country as well. It has many different uses and symbolizes many things.

4. On page 66, Bowden uses narration several times. He talks about how Naco, Arizona would meet Naco, Mexico for a volleyball match once a year. They would party and many people would come watch from both sides. On that same page, he also uses narration to describe a gentlemen who ad experienced Berlin’s wall fall and gave his opinions from both sides. Bowden uses the narration technique to catch the audiences attention and to help form the audiences opinion to the matter. It is interesting to hear peoples opinions or stories about such a debated topic. This is why he uses so many examples in his...
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