Border Control

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Melting pot Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Border Control
I feel that border security should be a priority and it is important to me because of the consequences we are currently suffering from and will continue to suffer from. We have decades of children that will depend on us to resolve these issues now rather than lay the burden on them. Even if Border Security is dealt with successfully, the radical terrorist threat will continue and will be able to be dealt with more easily because of the progress we will be able to make at home domestically as well. Securing our nearly 6000 miles of border between just the Canadian and Mexican borders not including our coastal shores and ports will be vital in many ways, such as national security and for a prosperous America.

The lack of security or of the enforcement of immigration laws is causing many problems from within the country. Just the everyday life of a person using things like roads, bridges, and highways cost money daily from wear and tear. This is supplied by the everyday American worker and other tax paying citizens of the country. When illegal immigrants are able to use our resources they take away from the opportunities of our children and even adults who are currently affected by job loss. People who may need help from social programs may be denied because resources aren't left. It is estimated that there are approximately 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States today. Allowing this to increase or maintain its level of growth will have a negative impact in many areas of the country. Also, this undermines the efforts and sincerity of those people of all other nationalities and religions who came to this country in a legal manner, following all of the rules set forth to become a citizen here. People of all walks of life are welcome to this country, but should respect our laws just as we are expected elsewhere. Our different peoples make up our great country!

Other areas of the country strained by a lack of border...
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